What is my vision?
1. To showcase your accomplishments, and create the most sleek, key word rich, WOW factor résumé and LinkedIn® profile that lands interviews.
2. To craft a compelling narrative that articulates who you are, what you do, and why you do it well.
3. To empower you with cutting edge career documents that assist you with defining and developing your job search.
4. To tell your professional story!

How many people work at aMoDernRésumé?
Me, myself, and I. I am a real person that has real telephone conversations and responds directly to your emails and texts. I do not outsource one minute of my work and dedicate, at the minimum, one full 8 hour business day to prepare your first draft. I make myself available in the evenings and on weekends to accommodate my clients who are currently employed.

What résumé writing certifications do I have?
I currently hold the CPRW, Certified Professional Résumé Writer, credential. My résumé portfolio is currently under review for the Master Résumé Writing (MRW) credential. I am also trained in the FAVAR LinkedIn® writing strategy.

What made me pursue a career in résumé writing?
I love helping people find their dream job. There is nothing like the moment when I open an email and see the word HIRED. A professionally prepared résumé instills confidence and energizes job seekers.

What was my career prior to being a résumé writer?
I was a Vice President at Deutsche Bank, New York, where I held multiple roles during my 13 year tenure including VP of Client Service in Alternative Investments, VP of Project Management in Operations, VP of Business Management in Asset Securitization, and AVP/Associate in Private Equity. My background also includes two years at a private equity boutique as the COO and four years as a private equity administrator at Bankers Trust.

Are my résumés applicant tracking system friendly?
I provide a fully designed résumé presentation along with a text only version. In addition, I teach clients how to use both versions when applying for jobs online.

Who are my clients?
I have written résumés from virtually every walk of life. My client portfolio includes recent graduates, COOs, Mayors, Governmental Figures, Top Secret Clearanced workers, Submariners, Chief Information Security Officers, Firefighters, Teachers, Sales Executives, Executive Assistants, Interns, Social Workers, Nurses, Physicians, Union Laborers, Bus Drivers, and many more. While I live in NY, my clients reside in broad geographic regions including multiple US states in addition to Europe, Africa, India, and Australia.

Do I write other career documents besides résumés?
Of course! I write cover letters, executive biographies, “Leave Behind” interview documents, and LinkedIn® profiles.

Why is there an Autism ribbon on my picture?
I am the proud mother of three beautiful boys who all have Autism. I would be remiss if I missed an opportunity to raise awareness.

Mel Donus


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