Step 1:  Email the current version of your résumé to me. Within 24 hours I will complete a thorough review and email to you a free critique and personalized “Do It Yourself Résumé Suggestions”. Of course I welcome a telephone call to say hello and discuss your career objectives during this time as well.

Step 2:  Select a package from my website, review and initial my contract, and submit payment.

Step 3:  Within one business day after receipt of payment, I will coordinate a time for your first telephone interview and submit a “Talking Point” document so that you can prepare for our discussion.

Step 4:  The first draft of your new résumé will be emailed to you within three business days after our interview.

Step 5:  “Is that really me?”

Step 6:  I will most likely have more questions and you will most likely have comments therefore we can schedule another phone consultation or communicate by email. The process continues until you are thrilled with your professional presentation. Your career documents will be emailed to you in docx, PDF, and applicant tracking system friendly versions.

Step 7:  Creation of your LinkedIn® profile and cover letter.

Notice that I did not use the words “final version”? That’s because your résumé is a living document and is NEVER final. I offer FREE revisions for 6 months.

Your success is my success! The process outlined above requires a partnership between us. The more information that you provide, the more compelling your presentation will be.

My Promise to you

I will be meticulous with details.

I will be your biggest cheerleader.

I will teach you how to dig deep and communicate important achievements
that should be highlighted on your résumé and LinkedIn® profile.

Mel Donus


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