Director of Recruiting, Advertising
“Catchy and different layout. Edgy but clever. I like it!!!

Global Director of Recruiting – Financial Services
“Different….caught my eye right away. Melanie is very talented in getting her client’s résumé to stand apart from others.

Writer/Editor, Playboy Magazine, Referral
“As an accomplished journalism professional, the idea of writing my own résumé was challenging. Melanie created a spectacular and cutting edge presentation of my background that is sure to be noticed by recruiters and commended by my colleagues in journalism. Hire Melanie to create a lasting first impression - you will be glad that you did.

Director of Human Resources, Financial Services
“As a manager in Human Resources I see countless résumé's a day and have often wondered why candidates would not invest in the time to present their one piece of marketing and branding document at its best. Melanie's résumé writing skills are truly outstanding. She uses cutting edge graphics, charts, colors, and savvy presentation techniques to make an exceptional first impression that stands out amongst others.

C Level Technology Executive, Referral
“Melanie creativity delivers the message of a candidate's potential benefits to an employer in a skillful, clear and effective way. I've seen the "before and after" results and they're outstanding. I'd highly recommend her.

Marketing Executive, Advertising
“As a marketing professional, I get the pleasure to meet many people. I have never met anyone with as much drive, creativity and work ethic as Melanie. I have the privilege to see first-hand, how Melanie can transform a stale résumé into powerful selling tool. She is an expert at helping each and every one of her clients develop a personal brand and competitive edge. She is a master at her craft and is guaranteed to help you make a lasting impact with your résumé.”

Sales Executive – Agriculture and Industrial Sector
“I credit Melanie Donus' résumé writing skills for helping me land a job within three months of being laid off. She is extremely responsive - she returned my initial phone call almost immediately and the first version of the résumé was returned very quickly as well. Not only did she deliver four versions to be used for different job types, she produced multiple revisions. Working with her is truly a consultative process and she helped me to both highlight and quantify my achievements. In doing so, she helped me gain attention from headhunters and employers and in the process helped me find my own worth as an employee. Melanie is extremely encouraging and made me feel like I was working with a career coach!”

ZUMBA Instructor
“As I began my search for a Zumba Instructor job, Melanie insisted that I need a resume. I said "Really?" Then I asked how can you take 20 years as a stay at home and make me marketable even for something as a Zumba Instructor. Well, It can be done and Mel can do it. I now have a beautiful resume to represent me and my transferable skills as I apply to teach. I would have never believed this could be done. As a matter of fact, I was invited to an interview the first time that I sent it out and was hired on the spot one week later! My resume spoke for me first. A good quality resume is worth the time and money spent. Remember, your resume is your first impression, and first impressions go a long way. Make a lasting impression with one of Melanie's resumes. You won't be sorry, you'll be ecstatic!”

Vice President of Defined Benefit Plans– Global Financial Services Firm
“Thank you Melanie for all of your hard work, time, and dedication that you provided when you wrote my résumé and LinkedIn profile. Truly you go above and beyond to help your clients.”

Recent College Graduate – Theater
“Working with Melanie Donus is a joy. For a recent college grad, like myself, her résumé writing services are a dream. She helped to transform my average résumé into something incredibly professional, but also uniquely and distinctly me. Melanie patiently listened to me as I recounted past job experiences and in return created a document that really put my best self forward. She is attentive, detail-oriented, and knows how to ask just the right questions to create a thorough, yet concise résumé. She has a clear idea of what will make a résumé a stand out amongst others in a competitive job market and it shows in her work.

Director of Operations, Financial Services, Former Colleague at Deutsche Bank
“Melanie was immediately responsive and her comments were the most constructive I had seen. Even more important was that her comments were specific and actionable. Melanie comes from the finance industry and therefore not only understands what makes a résumé readable and standout, but also understands the actual content necessary to capture a hiring manager's attention. My résumé is now significantly better and I owe it to Melanie!”

Director of Alternative Investments, Former Colleague at Deutsche Bank
“I have had the pleasure of working with Melanie for over 10 years, both on Wall Street and in her role as an Executive Recruiter. She is a consummate professional with a deep understanding of how Wall Street works and how to find the right people to work for you. Her recent revision of my résumé and advice for re-entering the workforce has been invaluable in my job search. Her integrity and expertise are evident in all that she does.”

VP of Marketing, Referral
“Résumé writing excellence! My first thought when I received my résumé and cover letter is that I would hire myself! I was so impressed with Melanie’s work. She used the language of my industry as if she were a lifelong expert which is difficult but for her it was effortless. Melanie took my credentials and achievements and created breakthrough results for me. Just after she re-wrote my résumé I received a call for an interview from my current employer and got the job after a year long search. Thanks Melanie!!!”

Head of Technology, Law Firm, Referral
“Melanie is AMAZING. She worked so hard to help me create the best résumé possible. We spoke for hours and I never felt rushed or hurried. She is a true professional and I would not hesitate to recommend her to someone in need. Melanie's passion for résumé writing and helping people shines through her work and dedication. Money well spent.”

Senior Sales Executive, Financial Services, Referral
“Melanie is really terrific. I had a very static résumé and she was able to edit and modify the details so that it is now more eye catching. In addition, she reformatted the résumé so it looks very professional and it can better speak to my professional achievements. If you are a senior level executive it would be worth your while to have her review your current CV!”

HR Generalist/Talent Acquisition Specialist, Referral
“Résumé writing can be a daunting task, particularly at a senior level. Before you make many unfruitful attempts either by yourself or using outside résumé writing services, let me save you some time. My own frustrating attempts at fine-tuning my résumé luckily led me to Melanie Donus. Melanie is truly knowledgeable and skilled at résumé writing. Her in depth interview processes with her clients allow her to uncover their most highly demanded skills, opening doors in the job search. Melanie is not only a true professional in terms of employment knowledge, but she is wonderful to work with. She will work around your schedule, even taking time out of her busy weekend, if necessary, to accommodate you. Her easygoing manner allows her clients to immediately connect with her allowing her to get to the heart of their talents and skills. If you are looking for your next career move, Melanie will streamline your résumé by focusing on your strengths and most marketable skill sets. Her knowledge of business vernacular speaks directly to prospective employees increasing your chances of landing the job of your dreams. Take my advice. Reach out to Melanie. You’ll be glad you did.”

Recent Graduate – Masters in Public Administration
“Melanie is what every recent graduate needs, those who plan on sending out résumés should consult Melanie for the most professionally detailed résumé. Melanie knows how to ask questions that are able to structure your résumé the way employers want to see it. From a boring black and white one page résumé, Melanie made drastic changes and now I have a résumé I am proud of and am excited to show potential employers.

Head of Travel Services, Former Colleague from Deutsche Bank
“Melanie is without doubt one of the smartest people I know. She has been an invaluable resource to me and to my colleagues both in previous roles and in current ones. I have referred many professional level business colleagues throughout the country to her services in helping provide résumé guidance and she has helped many of them find new employment both internally and externally through her expert guidance. Use Melanie to help you find your next job and to be your go-to person for guidance in your will never regret it!

HR Generalist, Former Colleague from Deutsche Bank
“Melanie Donus is a highly respected thought leader in the executive search and consulting space. I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Melanie for more than two decades. Melanie is intelligent, creative, energetic, client focused and honest. Melanie has a vast network of contacts, a deep understanding of financial markets, and is long on emotional intelligence. She is reliable, and always follows up on her deliverables. Melanie has a strong work ethic, and knows how to balance the needs of candidates, and managers in challenging situations. Melanie is a strong communicator and is a pleasure to work with on any assignment. I look forward to working with her again and again.”

Staff Accountant, Referral
“Melanie did an amazing job transforming my résumé from what was fairly bland and outdated to a piece of work that precisely and confidently brought to life each individual skill set I have developed throughout my work history. Like other reviews have stated, her process was very organized and straight to the point. She will ask you a few questions to help better understand your strengths, weaknesses, and ultimately what type of job your seeking. Melanie is a very courteous, intelligent, and talented individual who only wants for your strengths to shine. I highly recommend Melanie Donus and her résumé writing services.

Director of Summer Camp/Retreat Programs
“I highly recommend Melanie and her résumé writing service. I approached Melanie after being out of my primary field of work for 8 months, and having no idea how to structure a résumé that would do it’s job, and make my phone ring. After several productive go-arounds, we had a finished draft ready for submission. The weekend was approaching, and she suggested I email it out late Sunday night, so it would not get lost in weekend junk mail. As she predicted, I had a return call by 10:00 am on Monday. After a phone conversation, I was able to schedule a face to face interview on Wednesday. Melanie knew exactly how to ask me the right questions, and highlight the value in my profile on to paper. Taking it one step further, she was able to verify the information I provided to be sure it was structured accurately. This first job did not work out, but I am ready for her assistance on the next draft. As she said, a résumé needs to be a living document and she will be there to continue to tweak it so it is specific to each opportunity.”

Summer Intern/Undergraduate Student
“Melanie helped me make a thoughtful, focused, and detail oriented résumé. Her careful attention and skillful work has created many more opportunities for me.”

C-Level Technology Executive
“Melanie creativity delivers the message of a candidate's potential benefits to an employer in a skillful, clear and effective way. I've seen the "before and after" results and they're outstanding. I'd highly recommend her.”

Art Teacher
“I started with a black and white résumé that provided an outline of my background and credentials. Melanie transformed it into a colorful, modern, presentation that clearly identifies "me". If you are in job search status, please don't send your résumé to a hiring manager without getting a professional critique from Melanie.”

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